Farm fields starting to get dry again

(Radio Iowa) – The latest crop report from the U.S.D.A. shows things are turning back to the dry side in the farm fields. The report says some areas received rain but most of Iowa saw below average rainfall last week. A total of 41-percent of topsoil was rated in the adequate and surplus moisture categories — a decrease of eight percentage points from the previous week.

State Ag Secretary Bill Northey says the cooler temperatures caused less stress on the crops, but also slowed their growth in a year where they are already behind. The report says 88-percent of the corn crop has tasseled, trailing the five-year average of 96 percent.

Seventy-two percent of the corn crop was silking, well behind last year’s 99 percent and the normal 89 percent. Seventy-nine percent of the soybean crop was blooming, behind last year’s 96 percent and the five-year average of 92 percent.

Pods were being set on 35 percent of the soybean crop, well behind last year’s 74 percent and the normal average of 65 percent. The condition of the corn and soybean crops can vary widely as you cross the state.

Black Hawk County farmer, Nick Youngblut, says it’s so far so good for his crop. “We’re tasseled, we’re pollinated, startn’ makin’ ears, probably a little behind, but lookn’ good.We’re getting plenty of moisture here,” Younblut says.

His farm got an inch and two-tenths of rain Monday morning. He says that puts them in good shape right now. “We’ll need rain later yet, but right now, with this cool weather, I think we’re fine,” Youngblut says.

He farms 1,200 acres near Waterloo.