Feds Seek Clues in Boston Marathon Suspects’ Laptop, Post-Bomb Phone Call

Authorities are hoping to find new clues in the Boston Marathon bombing case by poring over a laptop belonging to one of the suspects and learning what the other told his wife in a phone call days after the blast, sources told ABC News.

Robert Stahl, an attorney for a friend of bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, said his client had taken Dzhokhar’s laptop from his room but turned it over to the FBI “the very first time” agents came to see him late Friday, four days after the bombing.

Stahl’s client, 19-year-old Dias Kadyrbayev, was charged along with another 19-year-old friend with conspiracy to obstruct justice for taking the laptop and allegedly trying to dump a backpack full of fireworks — which had been emptied of their powder — also belonging to Dzhokhar after they realized Dzhokhar was involved in the bombing. After the teens’ court appearance Wednesday, Stahl denied his client knew Dzhokhar was involved in the attack at the time and said Kadyrbayev did not think the items were of evidentiary value.

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