Grassley expects another attempt to toughen gun control laws

(Radio Iowa) – Following Monday’s mass shootings at a Navy Yard in Washington D.C., Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he wouldn’t be surprised if new gun control legislation is introduced in the very near future in Congress.

Grassley, a Republican, says just because you pass a law doesn’t mean it will be effective. “I think you have to look at what we know here in Washington D.C.,” Grassley says. “For a long period of time, they’ve had some of the strongest gun laws and even until two years ago when there was a Supreme Court case, outlawed the ownership of guns, and yet this happened within the District of Columbia.”

As yet this morning, Grassley hasn’t heard of any new gun control legislation being proposed and he wouldn’t commit to anything in particular he’d support. Grassley says, “I think we have to look at the Constitution, look at proposed legislation, is it Constitutional, and just go from there.”

Many critics of our current health care system complain that not enough is being done to diagnose and treat people with mental illnesses — and Grassley agrees. Grassley says, “I wouldn’t say that this is involved with yesterday’s person or not, but there are these mental health issues that have never been adequately dealt with by any of the debate that we’ve had so far in the Congress of the United States.”

Authorities say a former Navy Reservist opened fire in the secure Navy compound on Monday, killing 12 people before police killed him in a firefight.