Mosiman launches website, raising money for 2014 campaign

(Radio Iowa) – Republican State Auditor Mary Mosiman has been on the job for exactly one month and one day.

“I am very honored to be serving in this capacity and I would like to continue to serve in this capacity, but I’d like to be elected to do so, which is why I do intend to put my name on the ballot in the 2014 elections,” Mosiman said this morning during a speech to the Des Moines Conservative Breakfast Club.

In May Governor Branstad appointed Mosiman state auditor to replace David Vaudt, the Republican who was elected in 2010 but resigned to take a national post in the auditing world. Mosiman, who is a certified public accountant, describes the auditor’s office as the “quality control” center for state government.

“Where there’s waste, where there’s fraud, where there’s abuse our office has the expertise to go in and root out those situations and if there is lack of internal controls or confusion regarding federal or state surrounding public funds, we can get in there and address those situations as well,” Mosiman said this morning, “so that’s good for Iowa.”

Mosiman was elected Story County Auditor three times She had worked as a deputy in the Iowa Secretary of State’s office since 2011. Mosiman has launched a campaign website and she held a fundraiser last Thursday at the Iowa Republican Party’s headquarters.

No Iowa Democrat has stepped forward yet to announce their candidacy for state auditor. In 2010, the Democratic nominee for state auditor was selected at the party’s state convention as no Democrat met the March 15th deadline for getting their name on the June Primary ballot.