Soldier’s ‘Salute Seen Around the World’ Brought Men to Tears

(ABC News) – U.S. Army Ranger Cpl. Josh Hargis was lying on a hospital bed in Afghanistan, hooked up to a breathing tube with his right hand heavily bandaged when he was awarded a Purple Heart for his valor in the battlefield.

None of that, however, stopped Hargis, 24, from following military protocol and lifting his bandaged hand to salute the Ranger Regimental Commander who pinned the Purple Heart to his red, white and blue blanket.

“Grown men began to weep and we were speechless at a gesture that speak[s] volumes about Josh’s courage and character,” one of the officers present in the hospital room wrote in a letter to Hargis’s wife, Taylor. “I will remember it as the single greatest event I have witnessed in my ten years in the Army.”

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