State official says purer form of meth now being shipped to Iowa

(Radio Iowa) – The head of the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement says larger quantities of purer methamphetamine produced by Mexican drug cartels and trafficking organizations have been showing up in Iowa. Director Steve Dejoode recently briefed the Governor’s Drug Policy Advisory Council about trends in the meth trade in Iowa.

He says the product offered by Mexican meth cooks now is different than what we saw from 1998 through 2006. “The average purity level I think we were seeing then on methamphetamine was anywhere from 14 to 40-percent,” Dejoode says. “The purity levels that I’m seeing are from 98 to 100-percent.”

Dejoode says the purer meth can potentially bring a higher price on the streets for dealers, and it raises concerns for those trying to combat the problem. “It may have an impact on addiction and success of treatment potentially, and then the potential for overdose complications or death,” DeJoode explains.

He says while Iowa meth labs haven’t gone away — as much as 90-percent of the drug sold in Iowa comes from across the border.