Tiny Wire From BBQ Brush Lands Teen in Surgery

A Washington state teen is recovering after a “violent” stomach ache landed him in a hospital where doctors performed exploratory surgery only to discover his problems stemmed from a BBQ brush wire that he unknowingly swallowed.

Tristin Beck, 16, of Mountlake Terrace, Wash., was admitted to Seattle Children’s hospital late last week when his symptoms went from stomach pains to vomiting. Tristin told his parents it felt like he was being stabbed from the inside out.

On Sunday night, doctors performed exploratory surgery on his small intestine and found a problem no one expected.

“We saw the glisten of metal off the light. Another doctor said that looks like a wire from a BBQ brush,” said Dr. Kimberly Riechle, a surgeon at the hospital. “It turns out Tristin unknowingly ate one of these, a wire – the size of a hair — from a common grill brush. It apparently came off and stuck to the chicken he was eating at a family BBQ.”

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