Tsarnaev Family Fears Russia Would Even Reject Boston Suspect’s Ashes

If burying the dead Boston bombing suspect in the United States is proving difficult, his family is finding it might be impossible in their native Russia.

That is because, according to legal experts here, Russia has a policy of not giving the bodies of terrorists, or even suspected terrorists, back to their families for burial for fear the grave would become a shrine. Instead, they are usually buried anonymously by the government in an undisclosed location.

Faced with that possibility, the family of Tamarlen Tsarnaev is now considering cremating the body and trying to transport the ashes back to Russia, then burying them. Although cremation is against Islamic law, the parents see it as the only way of burying their son’s remains, according to Heda Saratova, a local human rights activist and spokeswoman for the family.

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