Utah Doctor ‘Left a Number of Clues’ Proving He’s Guilty of Murder, Prosecutor Says

(ABC News) – As the trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill comes to a close today, prosecutors told the jury the case was “dripping with motive” and urged them to find the Utah doctor guilty of drugging and drowning his wife.

MacNeill’s fate is now in the hands of an eight-member jury, who must decide whether the Utah doctor is guilty of first-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

The circumstantial evidence was damning and the Utah doctor used his medical knowledge as a “cover to hide from the almost perfect murder,” prosecutor Chad Grunander alleged during closing arguments.

But “along the way, he left a number of clues that all point to him as a murderer,” Grunander said. “Make no mistake, the defendant’s fingerprints are all over Michele MacNeill’s death.”

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