Work in IT or accounting? You may see a nice boost in $$$ in 2014

(Radio Iowa) – A survey of CFOs at companies nationwide finds salaries in Iowa should rise next year at a higher rate than in most other states — in several key industries.

Jim Kwapick, district president for the global staffing firm Robert Half, says people in professions that are in high demand will be seeing welcome boosts in their paychecks in 2014.

“It is a significant uptick,” Kwapick says. “In other words, the average projected increase of salaries for people in Iowa exceeds that of our national average by quite a lot, actually.”

Chief financial officers, those who make the money decisions, were surveyed in multiple professions across the country, and Kwapick says those in Iowa were very optimistic about the year ahead.

“For example, in the general accountant category, we’re projecting for large companies, a 6.9% salary increase. That compares to a national average of 3.4%, so, almost a doulbing,” Kwapick says. “That’s a significant uptick.”

For smaller Iowa companies, accountants may be seeing salary increases of 8.8% in the next year.

Another industry that’s “white hot,” according to Kwapick, is technology. He says tech is a broad category with multiple skill sets.

Kwapick says, “If you look more precisely at things like a mobile application developer, with frankly everything going mobile, there is huge demand and short supply which drives up wage rate.”

While technology workers overall in Iowa will see a projected salary boost of 5.6%, those working in mobile apps may see a jump as high as 13%.

He also points to gains ahead in several other fields, ranging from agriculture to health care. Learn more at: www.roberthalf.com/salary-guides