What is the ideal breakfast according to Harvard

According to the institution, foods containing saturated fats should also be avoided.

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Being the first meal of the day, breakfast plays an important role in the development of healthy nutrition. Above all, because the ideal is to avoid that the first snack that will give energy to the body is not composed of elements that can affect your health.

Sugars and saturated fats are the substances to avoid most in the morning, as they are known to cause blood disorders that can raise blood glucose and cholesterol, leading to diabetes or cardiovascular disease in the long term.

In this sense, the diet in the early hours of the day should be composed of fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins that contribute to the proper development and functioning of your body.

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According to Monique Tello #

A physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School, the content offered on the breakfast menu of many restaurants with muffins, donuts, pancakes, or bowls of cereal and fruit does not represent a nutritional benefit.

On the contrary, it is likely that they only distribute sucrose into the blood, triggering a slowing of metabolism and may contribute to an increase in adipose tissue.

A bowl of cereal #

A bagel a piece of toast or a muffin is no different than dessert. Processed carbohydrates and sugars cause blood sugar and insulin levels to rise. Insulin easily carries all that sugar to the fat cells, where it is converted into stored energy, also known as body fat, says the expert in an article published in Harvard Health Publishing.

Likewise, he refers that proteins are necessary during this meal of the day, but foods that concentrate animal fat such as “bacon, sausages and butter can obstruct the arteries and cause heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents”, if care is not taken in their consumption.

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How should breakfast be? #

The expert of the university institution affirms that quantity is not a reflection of quality in food. In fact, with few ingredients you can prepare a nutritious menu and the best without spending too much.

For Tello, the ideal breakfast, rich, healthy and that really provides the necessary nutrients, should be made up of “fruits, vegetables, whole grains (unprocessed), proteins and healthy fats”.

There are several options of dishes that can contain these requirements #

Such as a bowl of assorted fruit, with bits of a vegetable such as kale or carrots, accompanied by grains and nuts, such as unsalted nuts, seeds, roasted grains, or a combination of low-sugar granola, accompanied by Greek yogurt.

This combination is healthy, since it contains most of the nutrients that can contribute to the functioning of the organism and to the optimal development of the metabolism.

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