The Air Jordan 2 Low Christmas are the Christmas sneakers to wear all year round

They celebrate the dates indicated through their colors, and thanks to this they are perfect to wear at any other time.

© - The Air Jordan 2 Low Christmas are the Christmas sneakers to wear all year round

Christmas editions do not have to be used exclusively on the designated dates, and the Air Jordan 2 Low “Christmas” are the latest proof of this. Although their name indicates that they are special for the holidays and their launch is planned to arrive in time for your business and family dinners, the reality is that you will not want to take them off throughout 2024.

And the people at Jumpman have found the perfect mix of typical tones for the time, but without forgetting that a silhouette like the AJ2, whether high or low, can be used for any occasion and time of year.

Details of the Air Jordan 2 Low #

Thus, we find a boot that has been made with the best leather, which is also accompanied by overlays at ankle height and sides that adopt the texture of snakeskin to provide an even more luxurious appearance.

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The sneaker is dyed in a pure and shiny black color that will have nothing to envy of suit shoes, but is combined with touches of red and green to add that festive touch as its name suggests.

The Air Jordan 2 Low Christmas are the Christmas sneakers to wear all year round
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In this way, both the lateral edges and those of the tongues and the Jordan logos on them appear in red, which contrasts perfectly with the black, while the dark green that we can find in fir trees has been incorporated into the heel of Christmas.

The result? Sneakers that will clearly bring that festive spirit to family and friends gatherings and that will undoubtedly look great with your Christmas sweaters, but at the same time they are also sneakers that in any other month will be a sophisticated choice for all your looks.

Release date and price of the Air Jordan 2 Low “Christmas” #

There will be almost no wait to get your hands on a pair, and they will begin to be available on the Nike website and other selected retailers starting next December 16, in plenty of time for Christmas Eve. Its price will be around $150.

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