Tesla unveils Optimus Gen 2, its humanoid robot is now much more human

The Tesla Optimus Gen 2 is faster, lighter and has better joint control. It arrives with all-new hands.

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After presenting the first model in early 2023, Tesla has announced the second generation of its humanoid robot designed to help humans perform repetitive tasks. The new Optimus Gen. 2 maintains the same aesthetics as its predecessor, but with important advances; such as the implementation of finger sensors for object manipulation or a weight reduction of up to 10 kg without sacrificing performance.

Tesla, which has shown the Optimus Gen 2 in a demonstration video, says its robot includes some of the actuators and sensors designed and developed by the company itself. The also known as the second-generation Tesla Bot now integrates a powered neck with motion control. That is, the robot can move its neck slightly and smoothly, just as a human would.

The company founded and led by Elon Musk also claims that Optimus Gen 2 is capable of walking up to 30% faster than the previous generation. In part, this is possible thanks to a redesign of the humanoid’s feet, which now have a geometry similar to that of humans.

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Tesla has also included force and articulation sensors to make the movements more fluid. The firm also highlights that it has improved balance and body control, which can help the robot to carry heavier objects or maintain balance to pass through areas where the floor is not completely smooth.

The Tesla Optimus Gen 2 gets new hands #

One of the main novelties of the Tesla Optimus Gen 2 is its new hands. It is one of the most important components of a robot intended to perform tasks, since they are necessary to hold or move objects.

Now, in addition to including a more fluid movement of the different fingers, these have specific sensors dedicated to detecting pressure, allowing the Optimus Gen 2 to manipulate delicate objects, such as eggs, glass, etc.

At this time, Tesla has not provided any further details on the availability or intention to commercialize the robot. From Electreck, however, they state that the company plans to use the Optimus Gen 2 in its own production operations and, later, when they have proven that it can be useful, to make it available for sale.

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In addition, there are details that we still do not know. Among them, its height or some functionalities that Elon Musk said would come to the robot. Among them, the possibility of transferring its personality to the robot.

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