Tesla Model Pi, this is what Elon Musk’s super smartphone could look like

The Tesla Pi phone is about to hit the market and is already considered the most innovative and cutting-edge mobile device ever.

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Pre-release alternatives #

As many of you may already know, Tesla’s new phone doesn’t launch until late 2023 or early 2024, so I’m going to leave you with some interesting alternatives to buy while you wait for its release.

Details about Tesla PI phone #

From the hand of entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk, Tesla is already recognized worldwide for its rockets and electric and intelligent cars, and now it is bursting onto the market with the brand’s first smartphone, the Tesla PI Phone 5G!

It is said that the Tesla Pi goes on sale at the beginning of 2024, but the functionalities of this equipment already look amazing, such as the ability to connect to the Tesla network and to operate in forests, mountains and even on the planet Mars, although these are just some of the things that are known about this model.

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What is clear is that the Tesla Pi phone is going to be the most powerful cell phone in the world, with unmatched features and countless functionalities for almost everything we can imagine.

Features of the Tesla Pi model phone #

– Tesla Pi phone is photochromic #

The first feature of the Tesla Pi phone is that its external structure is made of a material that is photochromic. This means that it is able to change color in metallic tones according to the intensity of light it receives in the environment it is in.

Therefore, the casing can go from Brown, Black, Polished Blue and Pink Gold tones without losing its security and functionality.

– Tesla Pi phone camera #

This model will integrate a high quality optical and powerful camera that works with a rear quad system.

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In addition, on the back it has 108MP + 32MP + 16MP + 5MP sensors and a zoom capability of 200X.

– Tesla Pi phone with Neuralink #

A strong rumor coming with the Tesla phone is that it integrates the Neuralink system, allowing you to control with your thoughts the device.

However, this possibility is not yet confirmed, but with Elon Musk being the owner of this innovative idea and the company in charge of executing it, it would not be unreasonable for at least a few functions to be linked to Neuralink.

– Tesla 5G 2023 Star-Link Phone #

This phone connects to the Star-Link satellite network, so it will have signal beyond the planet Earth.

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It is no secret that Musk owns the company Spacex, which is the creator of the Starlink satellites that provide the largest satellite internet network in the world.

This means that the Tesla mobile phone can quickly download or upload a large amount of data, even if you are in the deserts or in the most remote areas of the planet, without depending on any external provider and at an amazing download capacity of 150 MBPS-200 MBPS.

– Tesla Pi phone comes with solar panel #

Elon Musk is an activist for environmental conservation and a fan of electricity, which is why his creation the Tesla Pi comes with a 7100 mAh battery and is fast charging.

– The display and processor of the Tesla Model Pi #

As for the screen of the Tesla phones, it is a 6.67 Super AMOLED display that offers a high definition of 4,000 pixels and is protected by a novel Gorilla Glass technology that is resistant to shocks and scratches.

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Tesla Phone Price United States #

The price will be between $900 and $1200.

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