Samsung Galaxy S24 will be an AI-focused smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will be the company's first AI smartphone. This is confirmed by a series of leaked trademark registrations.

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There is no turning back. A strong leak has ended up confirming virtually all the rumors that have been circulating for months around the marketing focus that the Samsung Galaxy S24 would have as a smartphone focused on Artificial Intelligence functions.

Recently even the rumor of a stronger and reborn return of the virtual assistant Bixby, now powered by AI, had gained momentum. Where now the platform might be able to apply functions directly from ChatGPT and Google Bard integrated with the interface of your new smartphone.

Some previous leaks, impossible to confirm at the moment, even claim that the new Samsung Galaxy S24 would be able to convert text into images with a proprietary technology developed entirely by the company.

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None of this can be corroborated until the official presentation of this family of smartphones at the beginning of next year. However, it seems that a leak has just emerged that makes the addition of this technology irrefutable.

Your Samsung Galaxy S24 will become a personal translator #

An impressive feature and one that will help when communicating with others.The Samsung Galaxy S24 will be the first phone to feature the manufacturer’s AI. Obviously, this affects all three versions of the device (Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra).

You will be able to make a phone call with a person whose language you do not know and you will be able to communicate. To do this, Samsung’s AI will tell you in your language what the other person is saying, and will do the same when you speak so that your receiver understands you without any complications. Undoubtedly, an excellent idea that has a long way to go.

A few years ago it was impossible to see a $200 phone with an OLED screen, and now it’s a reality. And it’s going to be exactly the same with this advanced AI that promises to make things much easier for us.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 to be an “AI smartphone”: phone’s trademark registrations leaked #

“SamMobile” exclusively reported on Samsung’s plans to focus on artificial intelligence with its next flagship, and Samsung confirmed it shortly thereafter by announcing the Galaxy AI experience, which would debut with the Galaxy S24 lineup and bring a host of AI features.

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