Samsung already testing One UI 6.1 on Galaxy S23 according to latest leak

The Korean factory would already be testing the new version of its customization layer on the current range that launched last year.

© - Samsung already testing One UI 6.1 on Galaxy S23 according to latest leak

A while ago we told you about all the new features that One UI 6.1 brings with it. Presumably the future Samsung Galaxy S24 will come with the new version of the customization layer preinstalled at the time of its release, while the first devices to receive it will be the Samsung Galaxy S23, whose Ultra version we were already able to analyze.

And it is precisely about them that we are going to talk in this article. According to information that appeared on SAMMobile, the Korean brand is already testing One UI 6.1 on the Galaxy S23. While it is true that according to Samsung’s support policy we will also see the new interface on more devices, it seems that for now the Koreans are focusing on their current generation.

What we know about these tests #

According to the media outlet, there is a new test firmware numbered S918NKSU2ZWX2 that has reportedly already been spotted on Samsung’s servers. Considering that the stable version of One UI 6 is already available for a wide range of Galaxy devices (including the firm’s current generation of high-end phones), it is quite possible that this new firmware is One UI 6.1.

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According to the media this is usually the time when Koreans start testing their new software, especially if we consider that the new Galaxy S should be presented next January and launched during the month of February (something that is already a custom in Samsung).

Of all the devices that will upgrade to the new version, it remains to be seen how many of them will be able to benefit from the AI-powered features that will come with One UI 6.1. Some will likely require instructions in the processors that, depending on their generation, will probably not be able to be properly leveraged (or will likely not even make an appearance).

In any case, the unveiling of Samsung’s new devices is only five weeks away. One UI 6.1 is expected to be officially unveiled for those same dates, we will be on the lookout to cover the news as soon as it happens. is published independently. Support the editorial team by adding us to your favorites on Google News :