How should oats be consumed to increase muscle mass

Keep in mind that not all preparations contribute the same, here are some that experts recommend.

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Oatmeal is a very nutritious food that can be an excellent ally to increase muscle mass. It is a good source of carbohydrates, which provide energy for workouts; protein, which helps repair and build muscle; and fiber, which helps you feel full and satisfied.

Different nutrition experts say that its properties are valuable, but not all preparations bring the same benefits, so here we tell you the best way to consume oatmeal to increase muscle mass.

The Argentine nutritionist Gabriela Gottau, commented in an article she wrote in Vitónica, that when choosing the oat options available in the market to consume, you should opt for the most natural one.

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“A granola with oats, nuts and other ingredients can be a source of free sugars in appreciable amounts and thus hinder our attempts to gain muscle without getting fat,” he commented.

How should oats be consumed to increase muscle mass? #

The specialist recommends oat flakes or oatmeal, but without additives.

“Oatmeal can offer quality carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and a minimum of unsaturated fats that favor hypertrophy, as well as vitamins and minerals that contribute to the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system and can therefore be useful.

However, since the goal is to gain muscle, Gabriela Gottau recommended other sources of quality nutrients that stimulate the synthesis of new muscle proteins.

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The foods with which oatmeal can be served are:

– Milk or dairy products without added sugar: they provide proteins of high biological value, potassium and calcium. In addition, they favor hydration.
– Fresh fruits and vegetables
– Eggs
– Dried fruits and nuts
– Seeds and dried fruits

Malpractice #

The nutritionist says that some of the most common mistakes in eating oatmeal at home is adding sugar, honey, syrups or any product to sweeten dishes. “They can have an addictive effect and provide calories with easily assimilated carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain.”

Some ideas of oat-based dishes that can be consumed are:

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Oatmeal, banana and almond protein cookies
-Bircher Swiss muesli with oatmeal, yogurt and fruit
Oat, coconut milk and berries soufflé
-Sugar-free oat and yogurt cookies
-Baked oatmeal with yogurt and tahini
Oatmeal, banana and almond cookies
Oatmeal, peanut butter, date and coconut energy balls
Oatmeal and nuts fitness bar
-Egg white, oat and banana omelette
Oatmeal, peanut butter, seeds and nuts fitness muffins
-Sugar-free raspberry and oatmeal fitness cake
-Baked oatmeal with blueberries or strawberries and almonds

Tips for increasing muscle mass with oatmeal #

In addition to eating oatmeal, there are other tips you can follow to increase muscle mass:

-Train with weights on a regular basis.
-Eat a balanced diet that includes adequate protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and micronutrients.
-Get plenty of rest. is published independently. Support the editorial team by adding us to your favorites on Google News :