The green flags to look for on a first date to know if a relationship has a future

It is normal to be afraid when we go on a first date, but we must know how to find the signs that a relationship can really have a future.

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Let’s be completely honest: a first date is not pleasant for anyone. Spending awkward moments of silence, the other person not being as we expected, not knowing how to say goodbye or not being clear if the other person really expects us are some of the factors that influence it not being a great experience.

No one wants to be wasting time with people who, in the long run, will not bring them anything good or who are simply not the right ones. That’s why it’s vital to know how to recognize green flags from the beginning and, thus, determine if it’s worth getting to know someone and if that relationship will have a future or not. Persia Lawson, a relationship consultant, has participated in the Badoo study, listing the green flags to look for in a partner.

Open and sincere communication #

When we meet someone, we should see signs of complete honesty from the beginning. Without it, it is impossible to create an intimate feeling of trust and transparency and to feel comfortable and confident to express ourselves freely with each other. This communication will be the basis of the relationship that we may or may not be able to forge in the future.

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Respect for each other’s limits #

We should always want to have a partner who respects our boundaries, empathizes with us and tries to understand what is happening to us and our individual situation. Instead of pressuring us, he or she asks us about how we want to continue the relationship and a mutual respect is forged.

Shared values and objectives #

It is probably one of the biggest indicators of whether two people are really compatible, because it will also be the basis of everything. We cannot share our life and our future with a person if our basic values are not the same.

Confidence and reliability #

Just as we talked about this in the communication aspect, we should only move forward with someone if they keep their promises and their actions are in line with their words. If this is not the case, chances are that we will not build trust with them and, therefore, there will not be a really deep connection.

Independence and mutual space #

From the beginning, we must know how to establish a balance between our individuality and our time together. This is the only way to have a healthy relationship. It is about respecting each other’s time and personal space. We should not be together all hours of the day, but learn to have independent lives even as a couple so that the relationship is strengthened.

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