Bryan Johnson, the millionaire who wants to live more than 150 years

He leads a lifestyle monitored by 30 doctors to reduce his biological age. He says he has spent millions to analyze his tendons, ligaments, brain, heart and pancreas.

© - Bryan Johnson, the millionaire who wants to live more than 150 years

He takes 60 pills a day, has 30 doctors monitor him daily, undergoes facial laser sessions and transfusions from his son for renewed blood, collects his own stool samples for study, and sleeps with a small device attached to his penis to monitor his nocturnal erections as a biological age marker for his sexual and cardiovascular function.

For this eccentric American millionaire, who sets trends through his networks as a longevity influencer, it is never too much. And Johnson is not shy about any of this, on the contrary: the architecture of longevity that he designs destroys any comment from the gaze of others and also, he repeats over and over again, his life, which is like a constant loop of doctor’s appointments, in truth, is good for his health and even makes him look younger.

Living forever #

Johnson wants to live many years, but how many is too many in an age where life expectancy is increasing all the time in the world? Talking about 100 years, today, is a trend that is becoming more and more common, especially in the so-called Blue Zones, where longevity happens in all its splendor.

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He has said in other reports that he wants to live beyond the age of 200. And for that, he has several ideas. It is an exhaustive, complex and costly life plan, which includes permanent monitoring of the functioning of his body, even when he sleeps, the renewal of his own blood, multiple aesthetic and dietary treatments to feel younger and the control of three dozen professionals who take care of him every day, 24 hours a day.

Those who are close to him say that it is impressive to have him around. Especially when the sunlight hits him and reveals his white body, “as if translucent”, as they have said, with the veins in his arms standing out more than usual.

Johnson posts all of his biological measurements online, from his resting heart rate to his plaque index and images of his intestines taken with a “small intestine camera,” and millions of people have watched his YouTube videos of his exercise regimen and therapeutic experiments.

Previous life #

Johnson ended his marriage and left the Mormon Church. In 2014, he invested$100 million in the creation of OS Fund, which invests in companies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop new technologies for therapies, diagnostics, and synthetic biology.

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In 2016, Johnson founded Kernel, a neurotechnology company that uses a specially designed helmet to measure brain activity to detect cognitive impairment in the early stages.

He is now currently single. His oldest son is serving a mission for the Mormon Church, and his youngest daughter is 13 and lives with her mother. So Johnson spends much of his time with his 18-year-old son, Talmage, who is also committed to the Blueprint diet, rest and exercise routines, but skips the anti-aging therapies because he clearly doesn’t need them yet. is published independently. Support the editorial team by adding us to your favorites on Google News :