Salehe Bembury’s next Crocs are not clogs, they are cool sneakers

The designer is still creating with Crocs, but the next release is different from the others.

© - Salehe Bembury’s next Crocs are not clogs, they are cool sneakers

The connection between Crocs and Salehe Bembury has been responsible for turning the haters of rubber clogs into absolute fans. And if there was anyone who still refused to wear a pair of Crocs, the collaboration with the designer has brought a new model that will be irresistible to any sneakerhead. Until now, the heeled silhouettes have been the star of the duo, but Salehe Bembury is ready to start 2024 with Crocs and a revamped silhouette.

A couple of years ago, the New York designer was the architect of the most coveted pair of Crocs on the market. That’s a constant in his career: designing the sneakers that disappear from the shelves the fastest and occupy the shoe racks of those who know the most about sneakers.

The Crocs Pollex Clog turned the certified guiri footwear into the clogs that only fashionable people wear, that’s why the collaboration has been a success that has continued over time by modifying colors to the fingerprint silhouette, so representative of this duo.

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Adidas, Balenciaga, Birkenstock and any brand you can imagine have introduced heelless silhouettes in the face of the immense demand for these models in streetstyle, but no one expects Crocs, the absolute leader in the world of clogs, to even have in mind to move away from its winning horse to bet on a silhouette that is closer to the conventional.

Then again, clogs are already a total sneaker contemporary, but a good pair of sneakers is so unbeatable that Crocs couldn’t resist having its own, and with the help of Salehe Bembury, one of the world’s top sneaker designers, the American giant’s next release is a total surprise for fans of the brand.

Bembury’s new Crocs are not clogs, they are sneakers #

The silhouette is no longer heeled to bring a perfectly closed sneaker, with the same rubber and leather sole and construction, but with a total fit to the foot. The fingerprint shape is part of the sole, which rises in waves up the sides of the shoe in blue and green. The upper of the silhouette is a mix of leather and mesh in shades of orange and beige, with laces and no trace of the open back, nor the perforated front of the Crocs we all know.

Salehe Bembury's next Crocs are not clogs, they are cool sneakers
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Salehe Bembury has come up with this little teaser, but stressing that they are part of a release for the spring/summer 2024 season, so we won’t be able to get our hands on the Pollex Sneakers for the time being.

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With this relationship moving forward so quickly with three releases that have turned the concept of rubber clogs on its head, we are ready for whatever comes in the future, because if it comes from the minds of Crocs and Salehe Bembury it’s going to be a total success. is published independently. Support the editorial team by adding us to your favorites on Google News :