Bill Gates’ five-hour rule, what is this method that allows you to boost your brain and achieve success

Regular mental activity is always advisable to optimize brain health.

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Different resources that can help maximize productivity on a daily basis are favorable to achieve goals, and successful figures such as Bill Gates have made their resources known. In this case, we tell you what is the five-hour rule of the famous entrepreneur that allows you to boost your brain and achieve success.

The Bill Gates five-hour rule #

Far from filling the agenda with tasks to be fulfilled and working countless hours, Bill Gates has unveiled the five-hour rule, which consists of dedicating time to personal interests to improve concentration and work skills.

Specifically, the five-hour rule used by Bill Gates consists of dedicating at least one hour per day or, in other words, five hours per week to learning or incorporating knowledge in one’s specific area or subject.

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For example, in my particular case, my area of interest is nutrition and this technique suggests having a minimum of 60 minutes a day to expand my knowledge about it.

Although it seems little time dedicated to deepen knowledge or learn about a specific topic, the reality is that it allows us to enhance mental skills, demands activity to our mind to acquire new knowledge or achieve learning, and at the same time favors the achievement of success, as it helps us to go a step further in our area of interest.

On the other hand, the mere fact of acquiring knowledge and dedicating an hour a day to learning can improve self-satisfaction and favor the presence of a sense of accomplishment that will motivate us to achieve objectives and set new goals to walk towards success at a steady pace.

How to apply the five-hour rule #

To effectively implement this five-hour rule, of course, requires perseverance and organization, as it is essential to make room in our busy schedule to incorporate knowledge, study and learn.

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Thus, the ideal is to pre-establish the time we will set aside for the incorporation of knowledge, so as to respect it as if it were a work obligation or an essential meeting.

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