From Venezuela, he created a business that today allows him to earn up to six figures in the U.S.

Pablo Torrealba was only 21 years old when he entered the world of online sales on Amazon; from Caracas, and with a partner in Florida, they set up a structure that today generates up to USD 200 thousand per month.

© - From Venezuela, he created a business that today allows him to earn up to six figures in the U.S.

Pablo Torrealba was only 21 years old when he closed his first sale on Amazon. What at the time was a side investment would later become his livelihood. However, it was not what he had imagined when, at 17, he founded his own marketing agency in Venezuela, which earned him and his partner between USD 4,500 and 5,000.

“We were in charge of carrying several important brands in the country. Then we moved on to influencers and we grew a lot,” he tells LA NACIÓN. At that time, they created an office in Venezuela dedicated 100% to influencer and corporate marketing.

“It allowed us to spend between 1,000 and 1,500 dollars a month, and we kept the rest,” he recalls about those times. Until they decided it was time to start moving the money.

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“Instead of keeping it, we started looking at the possibility of other businesses. We wanted something quite digital, since we trusted 100% in that area. That was our first approach to Amazon: to buy an automated store,” the entrepreneur explains.

Automated store #

You talk about an automated store when you pay a third party to run your Amazon store. “You don’t have to take care of anything. You simply act as an investor, which was what we were looking for at the time.” You pay an entry fee to those who run the store, plus 50% of everything you sell.

“The business really caught my attention,” Torrealba acknowledges. “I wanted to understand what they were doing to get a grip on my business. Not because it was something I wanted to dedicate myself to, simply to understand what we were investing in and how everything was working,” he adds.

What is the key to being a good sales person? #

The secret to success on Amazon is to buy low and sell high. Torrealba puts it in words as follows: “We buy merchandise at a price that suits us, at a low price, and sell it at a more expensive price.”

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And before continuing, he asks himself: “How do we obtain this cheaper merchandise? And the answer is: “For one thing, because we buy in quantity.

Currently, for example, we are expecting a purchase of more than 18 thousand units of the same product in our warehouse. Another reason? Because, for some reason, some products are more expensive on Amazon than on other sites.”

“Over time, those of us who sell on Amazon have realized that people prefer to buy something a little more expensive to have the fast delivery service that the marketplace has.

Amazon,” he continues, “can deliver to your door the same night. You can even return it without a problem. Many people in the United States are Prime: they pay a monthly subscription that includes a series of benefits, such as free and fast shipping to their home or the address the customer notifies,” he reinforces.

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