Doctor warns against heat stress as temperatures rise

(Radio Iowa) – High temperatures are hitting the mid-90s this afternoon in parts of Iowa and thousands of visitors in the state for the big bicycle ride aren’t used to the heat and humidity. Dr. William Gossman, who runs the emergency room at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, says to be very watchful for these symptoms of heat stress.

“Usually people get light-headed and nauseated,” Dr. Gossman says. “That’s probably the most common thing that I see. The extreme is that they pass out.” Whether you’re attempting to ride a bike across Iowa or are just working outside in the stifling heat, he says if you’re showing the signs of heat stress, quit whatever you’re doing and seek shelter.

“The first thing you should do is try to get into a cool environment and drink as much fluid as you can,” Gossman says. “If you’re getting abdominal pain, chest pain or feel like you’re going to pass out, the best thing is to get in and be seen.”

If you’re at that point, he says you may need an I-V to replenish fluids. On the plus side, a cool front is expected to arrive late tonight, pushing high temps for the rest of the week down into the 70s and 80s statewide.