Expert Witness Says Utah Doctor’s Wife Died of Drowning

(ABC News) – Though her husband is on trial for her murder, a cause of death has never been determined for Michele MacNeill. Today, a noted forensic pathologist and toxicologist testified that he believes the former beauty queen died as a result of drowning.

Dr. Joshua Perper, a retired medical examiner who was called as an expert witness at the murder trial of Dr. Martin MacNeill, said that not only did he believe the mother of eight was drowned, but drugs could have also played a role in her April 11, 2007 death.

“It was clear she was inhaling a significant amount of water,” Perper said.

He said the report that MacNeill regurgitated more than seven cups of water during the resuscitation process also played a role in helping him reach his conclusion.

“In addition, she had some drugs on board [that] in my opinion, could have contributed to her death,” he said.

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