Inmate: Utah Doctor Said He Held Wife’s Head Under Water to ‘Help Her Out’

(ABC News) – An inmate who befriended Dr. Martin MacNeill testified today that while in federal prison, the Utah doctor confessed to doping up his wife and then holding her head under water to “help her out.”

“He said he gave her some oxy and some sleeping pills, then got her to get in the bath tub,” a man identified as Inmate No. 1 testified. “Later on, he said he had to help her out and said he held her head under the water for a while.”

The inmate, who said he is serving time for drugs and firearms offenses, met MacNeill when they were both being held at the Texarkana Federal Prison. MacNeill served time for an identity fraud conviction after his wife’s death and was released from prison in July 2012.

The pair became friends, the inmate said, after they began taking a computer class together every day at the prison. He told the court that the man inmates called “doc” opened up to him on a number of occasions about his wife’s death and his alleged involvement.

“He said she was in the way. She wanted the house and the kids,” Inmate No. 1 said.

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