Newton man finds out he’s reported missing, phones home

(Radio Iowa) – The mother of a 20-year-old from Newton who reported her son missing after not hearing from him during his cross-country trek says she he checked in this weekend. Susanne Landgrebe says she was surprised to hear from her son.

“Daniel called Saturday evening, and I thought it was the media because I had been getting hundreds of calls from the media, which is good,” Landgrebe says. She says he had not idea he was listed as missing. Landgrebe had been in a national forest area where he had no access to communication to contact his mother.

Susanne says her son had no idea she was looking for him until he saw posters asking for help in finding him. She says he had some fun with it while he had her on the phone.

“He asked around the gas station, I heard him say ‘Does anyone know the name Daniel Landgrebe?’, and several people said ‘yeah he’s missing,” Landgrebe says. She says her son replied, ‘that’s me” and she then heard several males laughing.

Daniel is making the trip to gather information for a book. Susanne says he is finding food however he can after running out of both food and money.

She says he took along a fishing kit and has been fishing for trout and hunting animals along with vegetables and berries he can find, and some people have been giving him food. Landgrebe says her son is now hitchhiking back home to Newton.