Police dog sniffs up dozens of drug items at western Iowa hotel

Police in the western Iowa town of Stuart made a rather large drug bust Wednesday night. It happened at the Super 8 Hotel, just off of Interstate 80.

Stuart Police Chief David Reha says more than 50 types of drug paraphernalia and a “large amount” of marijuana was discovered in a vehicle and hotel room. “The officer was actually on a separate call, I can’t really go into what that was, but he’s part of our K9 unit. In the process of him being there, his dog alerted to the presence of narcotics in a vehicle and that’s what led to the eventual findings,” Reha said.

Officers tracked down the owner of the vehicle, a man from Virginia. “He told the officers he was on his way back from a large marijuana festival in Colorado,” Reha said. “It’s kind of a unique situation. I’ve never seen that much drug paraphernalia on one person. It’s very rare to get so much out of one person, especially when they’re on the move.”

The suspect was released after being charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.