Wisconsin’s governor suggests GOP should be more optimistic, relevant & courageous

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker fueled speculation about his presidential aspirations with a speech in Iowa tonight.

Walker spoke of his childhood years in Iowa: “Between July 1st of 1970 and March 15th of 1977 I lived in Plainfield, Iowa.”

Made sure the audience knew he is among nation’s younger governors: ”I remember coming in after the November 2nd election, which just incidentally happened to be my 43rd birthday.”

Touted his victory in that contentious recall election: ”We not only won, we won by a bigger margin, by a larger number of votes on the fifth of June in 2012 versus what we got November 2nd of 2010.”

Offered a “pathway” for his party in 2014 and beyond: ”I think we need to be more optimistic. I think we need to speak in terms that are more relevant and I think we need to be more courageous.”

And suggested the “long-term structural reforms” he’s implementing in Wisconsin should be tried out on a bigger stage: ”We’ve laid a positive foundation to move Wisconsin forward and people wanted to continue down that path. We need to do that nationally as well.”

After the speech, Mary Whisenand of Des Moines said Walker is “absolutely” presidential material.

“I think he knows what he’s doing. He’s been through so much,” she said. “He’s been tested.”

And he signed the “I Stand with Scott Walker” yard sign Whisenand picked up last year in Wisconsin.